On May 4, 2019, we had an in house training session where we really dug deep on how to understand what children are doing and what they are really truly interested in by going through the documentation process as a cycle of Inquiry. We learned that we need to start with a what we are observing the children are interested in and then asking ourselves what it is about this that the children are really interested in.  We needed to them map out who are the main players in this situation and map out their interests, needs and abilities. We need to include children in this process with continual open ended questions. We are going to observe, record and collect artifacts and organize them so that it is easy to read and understand. We will next build a theory by analyzing/interpreting observations and artifacts. We will then produce re-framing questions on how we can support this interest deeper. By re-framing questions, we can develop activities that will support this interest on a deeper level. This is where our living web will come into play. It will show all the activities that are going to planned for the children. Once this provocation has been carried out, the pedagogical documentation can begin that will include a description of this activity, photos and or artifacts, linking of the observations to theory, reflections and the next steps in this journey.

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Team Awesome

All centres are working on their visual and tactile inquiry map

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