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Image of the Child

At our recent staff meeting, our educators were asked what they thought of children.  Instantly they started sharing positive adjectives that describe the children in our care.  If we truly believe that children are capable, contributing citizens in this community, then it's our responsibility to nurture and support their dispositions to learn while listening and actively inviting them to participate in decisions that affect them.


The way we view children has an impact on how they view themselves.  It is a influential perspective.  If we acknowledge the resourcefulness of each child, then that child has the opportunity to see themselves as a strong, resourceful and capable learner and citizen's regardless of life circumstances.  Our thoughts and actions are deeply connected and often convey hidden and powerful messages to children who as we know are keen observers of the significant people in their lives.

Image of the Educator.jpg

Image of the Educator

Our team was then asked what do you think of your fellow co-worker and an a stream of more positive thoughts came bellowing out of each one of the staff.  They felt quite proud to find that others think of them this way.


Our Educators at Seeds of S.P.I.C.E. are extremely skilled at being physically and mindfully present for children and are there to support them as co-learners, co-imaginers of play and co-researchers which creates responsive environments that reflects an image of the child as a contributing citizen.