Seeds of S.P.I.C.E. Early Learning Centre Inc. believes that children deserve to develop and learn in their social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional domains through experiences that are developmentally appropriate, self chosen and based on their own interests.

We value guiding early learning processes therefore, we support an environment that promotes active engagement and participation while making meaning and co-constructing knowledge.  We believe children deserve excitement and the element of surprise with endless possibilities, daily. 

We celebrate children's individual competencies and support explorations while being supportive as pedagogical leaders who encourage deeper thinking and learning through observation, documentation and collaboration.

We believe the environment is a third teacher that considers how time, space, materials and participation are influential elements in children's learning and citizenship.  it reflects who we are in relationships with the children and their families and documents all participants ideas and shows the journey of learning.

Outside in a natural environment, children will learn to positively connect to the natural world where observation skills and a sense of visual-spatial relationships will be supported.  Exploration will encourage their confidence and appropriate risk taking skills while stimulating creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Early Childhood Educators are extremely skilled at being physically and mentally present for children and are there to support them as a co-learner, co-researcher and a co-imaginer of possibilities that create responsive environments that reflects an image of the child as a contributing citizen.